Coloring with Spectrum Noir!

Ok, it’s been a while. I just never seem to find time to craft enough,  I’m so busy coordinating everyone else’s crafting! 🙂

But this week…well, this week I just had to jump in. The good folks at Spectrum Noir have been very good to me and the rest of the Stampendous Design Team. So when we had a chance to play with their super talented Design Team, well, I just had to play, too.

spectrum noir banner

For this project I pulled out my Spectrum Noir Blendable Colored Pencils. I love using alcohol markers, but I always have to be so fast to make sure they don’t dry before blending. It’s kind of “hectic”, and I don’t always have time to finish a project, so I just don’t start one. But with colored pencils you can leave the images partially colored and return to finish at any time later. Even when you blend them as you can with these pencils.  And there’s a complete set of these great pencils up for grabs! Plus all the blending accessories you’ll need. Just be sure you enter the Rafflecopter giveaway over on the Stampendous blog. (there are lots of other prizes, too! Be sure you leave a comment here to be entered for some cute House-Mouse Stamps and a Spectrum Noir gift certificate!)

My project features the Stampendous Asian Umbrella Set. This darling parasol is just wonderful, and all the accessories that go with it are so much fun. I wanted a card that reminded me of those 1940’s MGM musicals where the chorus pulls away a series of umbrellas, or fans, or parasols leaving a dancing and singing Vera Ellen or Rosemary Clooney to do her stuff. This gatefold card does just that… with all the glitz and glam of a 1940’s musical, too!

Asian Umbrella by Laura Weed

inside Asian Umbrella card

Stampendous Asian Umbrella Card by Laura Weed

Here’s the list of who’s hopping today. Scroll below the list if you want more “tutorial” kind of detail. Be sure to leave a comment!!

Stampendous Blog

Laura Weed (you’re here)

Jamie Martin

Tenia Nelson

Spectrum Noir Blog

stamping I started by stamping my parasols on Mixed Media White Paper. I used Onyx Black VersaFine ink from Tsukineko.

pencilsPencils and accessories at the ready! Pencil sharpener, Gamsol, paper stumps, and sandpaper bar for cleaning the stumps. Ooooh…the goodness! And don’t worry. I won’t be breaking the tips on my pencils, I put soft foam in the bottom of the cute little buckets.

colored pencil I used colored pencils, trying for at least two shades of each color. The spaces are small, but it was really easy.

gamsolThen I dipped the stump into the Gamsol (that’s hopefully how you do it, it worked anyway) and as I rubbed the colored pencil, it became a lovely, blended, watercolor look. I have seen this technique a million times, but this is the first time I’ve done it. I was thrilled with the results.

background close up I stamped all over my light pink panels with VersaMark Watermark Ink and the three-flower background design in the set. Then I embossed with Stampendous Crystal Embossing Powder for a shiny, glittery look. This is soooo much better IRL!!

closeup glitterHere’s a closeup that kind of shows the glitter. I stamped and colored the inside panel as well, then trimmed out a greeting for the front panel. I added Multi Crystal Glitter everywhere with a glue pen. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


Meet Bimwinkle


This is Bimwinkle (he came with the name). He’s a lawn gnome that we won in a silent auction at my son’s middle school years ago. He is not your usual ceramic or resin gnome, he’s actually cast iron. Heavy little bugger and he’s hollow. He’s not super valuable, but he’s cheerful, and I like him. The years have not been kind to Bimwinkle, though. He guards our front yard, ostensibly from mushrooms (or so his hang tag said when he was new), but now he’s rusted, faded, chipped and not feeling quite up to snuff. So, it’s time to restore him!

I used Americana Multi Surface paint by DecoArt for this project, because I know it will stick to metal/paint/etc without a lot of prep work. Bimwinkle is fun and cheerful, but I’m not spending time stripping paint, sanding, etc. I just want to paint over the mess. I did clean him off with a soft brush and a damp paper towel first, but that’s all the prep I did.


A couple notes about this paint. First, it doesn’t come in many colors. That’s ok, I like mixing my colors anyway. Second, when they say multi-surface, that is what they mean. It will paint your skin, it will paint your clothes, it will paint your table, it will not come off easily. Take necessary precautions like putting down papers, wearing an apron, etc. I got flesh colored paint on a new black t-shirt, and I’m not happy about it.

So I started with his skin, because his clothes/beard/etc all overlap the skin. Start at the lowest level and work to the front.  I mixed pink cadillac and buff beige until I had a skin tone I liked, then I added more pink for cheeks, shading, tips of ears, nose, etc. Once his skin was done he already looked much better.


I continued with the beard/hair/eyebrows/mustache. Then the clothes/mushroom, belt/boots/hat. He came with a purple hat, but I decided to go red for his new one. I also asked David how the mushroom should look since no one remembers the original, and he thought we should go a little Mario Bros. just to nod at our geeky household.


The original had some black over the paint to make him look “distressed”, so I added some black with a fan brush to give his hat and coat some depth. It looked amazing!!

My family was stunned at my mad art skills. LOL.. I don’t know why this stuff always surprises them. I obviously don’t do enough crafting.

IMG_6772I actually added red in his mouth that he didn’t have before and evened out the highlights in his eyes this time. He really looks better than new.  I sealed it all with Krylon Matte UV Resistant spray sealer. And returned him to the front garden. He’s so much happier now!!  And, of course, we still have no mushrooms!!