Hi, I’m Laura Weed. I live in sunny Southern California and Repeatable Art is my nom de stamp. It reflects the fact that art made with rubber stamps can be repeated over and over, unlike art drawn with a pencil, marker, brush or other such media.

I began stamping in 1980 with a friend who worked at Disneyland with me. One of her high school friends had shown her some fun things using stamps and we were hooked. We often drove hundreds of miles to look at a tiny selection of stamps in a variety of weird and quirky stores. We usually bought most of them. Her friend would send us new information, gleaned from Stampa Barbara in Santa Barbara, on techniques and products; then we would venture out in search of additions to our obsession  hobby.

We opened our own stamp company together manufacturing stamps of Scottish Highland Clan Crests, highland dancers, bagpipers, scotty dogs and all things Celtic (our other hobby was a fanatic devotion to Celtic music), and we called it Repeatable Art. It wasn’t very financially viable, but we had a lot of fun. And after she left the business, I kept the name and have used it ever since.

The joy of introducing folks to this terrific hobby has been mine for 37 years now. I’ve owned my own stamp company; managed the world’s largest rubber stamp retail store (at the time, 150,000 different stamp designs, over 3,000 sq ft); and independently demonstrated for and had award winning sales with Stampin’ Up!, the industry’s largest direct sales company. I’m now the Graphics Manager, Website Administrator, Social Media Manager, and International Design Team Manager for one of the world’s largest and oldest craft stamping companies.

In addition to my obsession with stamping, I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids. (well, they’re both adults, but they’re kids to me)  We have a 100lb Black Labrador named Velvet; a tiny, black cat named Zelda (the neighbors lured Link to their house by feeding him wet food… who steals someone’s cat?? and, yes, she did it on purpose); and an orange tabby named Oliver. My husband is a professional pianist, organist, and Scottish Bagpiper (see, there’s that Celtic music thing), so between us we are virtually never home.

My other obsessions include games of any kind, particularly addicting video games, puzzle games, board games, etc.; reading, mostly fantasy or mystery fiction; and obsessive customer service (which really helped when I owned my own business…but also comes in handy every day.) I also enjoy cooking in a clean kitchen, playing on the internet, and learning new skills like HTML and the like.

I do mean to blog more… but work does not leave me much time for after hours activity. I’ve only used this blog as a place to showcase a project when it’s been needed for Stampendous. I keep saying I’ll do better, but I probably won’t. IF you have a burning desire to read more of my writing, you can scoot over to the Stampendous Website where I have written every single word of every description on every product, all of the Tips and Techniques, and many of the projects on there (although I try really hard to get my design team to write their own project instructions). That should be enough reading to last you a very long time (there are over 15oo product descriptions alone). Or you could check out the Stampendous Blog where I wrote every single word of copy from 2009-2014 and have supervised just about every word since. Or you can find me daily on the Stampendous Social Media Channels. Happy reading!


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